Sonic Electric Toothbrush Set


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Sonic Electric Toothbrush Set

  • Function:Deep cleaning mode,Plaque removal mode,Whitening mode,Mode “gentle cleaning”,Massage mode,timer
  • Bristle stiffness:Medium
  • Power type:Rechargeable
  • Number of movements per minute:from 50000
  • Number of operating modes:4 or more
  • Number of nozzles:1
  • Type:Acoustic Wave
  • Quantity:original smart ipx7 tips app wholesale drop shipping
  • Size:oclean official store
  • Material:oclean s1 oclean e1 oclean x oclean z1
  • Age Group:Adults
  • Commodity Quality Certification:3C,ce
  • Brand Name:OCLEAN
  • OCLEAN Model:Flow
  • Origin:Mainland China
  • Certification:CE,CCC
  • Item Type:Electric Toothbrush
  • Product name:Oclean Flow Electric Toothbrush
  • Rechargeable:180days standby
  • Maglev Brushless Motor:76000 movements/min
  • 2 mins timer:30s Reminder
  • IPX7 Waterproof:5 brushing modes
  • USB Type-c Input:Oclean toothbrush

Oclean Flow

Go with the Flow Switch to Sonic Brushing

Lasts up to 25 Plus Weeks Between Charges

Not only benefiting the planet, but also your jam-packed schedule. Charge less for longer

Sonic Technology for a Brighter Smile

Maglev motor of up to 76,000 movements per minute delivers powerful cleaning efficiency to deep clean the interdental area and along the gum line, removing food residue and stains.

5 Modes for Your Personal Brushing Routine

Morning Mode/ Night Mode/ Standard Cleaning Mode/ Whitening Mode/ Gentle Mode

2 Minutes Smart Timer, 30s reminder

Dentist’s recommended a brushing time of two minutes, and Oclean Flow Smart Timer maximizes brushing efficiency with the precise amount of time.

IPX7 Waterproof

Enjoy a Shower and Rinse Ready. Toothbrush to Stay on the Go⁣

Trust the Speed of Sonic

That hard to reach spot in your mouth is impossible for a manual toothbrush. Switch to sonic for the stretch and power

Love to travel ?

So does the Flow! It’s waterproof. Adaptable with any USB Type-C connector and compact enough to go anywhere, any time.

Product Breakdown

Dupont Bristle: Flow-Shape Cutting. Multi-Color. Round Tip Design Enable Thorough Care Experience

Indicator: Demonstrate Precise Modes for Customized Needs

Maglev Brushless Motor: Up to 38,000rpm Deliver Powerful & Thorough Clean

USB Type-C connector: Adaptable with any USB Type-C connector and compact enough to go anywhere, any time.

Open Up Your New Smile

Simple Packaging to Prevent Waste for Eco-friendly Product Design


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