Oclean X Pro Elite Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush


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Oclean X Pro Elite Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush

  • Function:Deep cleaning mode,Plaque removal mode,Whitening mode,Mode “gentle cleaning”,Massage mode,timer
  • Bristle stiffness:Medium
  • Power type:Rechargeable
  • Number of movements per minute:from 50000
  • Number of operating modes:4 or more
  • Number of nozzles:1
  • Type:Acoustic Wave
  • Quantity:1
  • Size:oclean w1 oclean air 2 oclean f1 oclean one
  • Material:ABS,PP
  • Age Group:Adults
  • Commodity Quality Certification:3C,ce
  • Brand Name:OCLEAN
  • Origin:Mainland China
  • Certification:CE,CCC
  • Item Type:Electric Toothbrush
  • Product Name:Oclean Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush
  • Model:Y2087
  • Version:Pro Elite
  • Motor Power:84000 movements /min
  • Power of the toothbrush body:1.5 W
  • Charging:Oclean USB charging base(wireless)
  • IP Rating:IPX7
  • Input:5V=0.3A
  • Operating time:20 days (level 32 of intensity) – 40 days (level 1 of intensity)
  • Battery Capacity:800mAh
  • Charging time:3.5h
  • Bluetooth:Bluetooth 5.0 above

Oclean X Pro EliteEnlighten Your Smile

   Smart Touchscreen /Soundless Brushing /Superior Cleaning Performance

  Oclean X Pro Elite Main Performances

– Large-sized color touchscreen
– Noise Reduction Technology
– Wireless Quick Charging 2.0
– 84,000 movements per minute Strong Power
– 8-Zone Blind Spot Monitoring
– 4 Modes For Personalized Brushing
– Wall-Mounted Holder
– Smart Brushing Routine
– IPX7 Waterproof Standard
Set features fluidly with the intuitive smart touchscreen

  Auto-Wake/Interactive screen to set mode, intensity and duration

  APP-driven brushing analysis

  Helps the user improve brushing habits by providing suggestions based on daily, weekly and monthly reports.

  Professional brushing report /Personalized brushing plan /Brush head information

  Family account /Convenient OTA firmware upgrade recommendation

  A breakthrough soundless brushing experience

  Enjoy a soothing brushing experience with our award-winning noise reduction technology.

  Maglev 2.0 Cleaning Technology Offers 20X Standard Cleaning power

 6 mm Stable Swing/84,000 movements per minuteCleaning Power/ 32 Levels of Intensity

  Dupont Diamond Bristles Clears smoking and tea stains

 ☑ Premium bristles to protect gums and enamel
☑ Dupont Diamond Bristles used for 115% stronger cleaning power
☑ A dedicated tongue cleaner for premium tongue care
☑ FDA approved materials for safe brushing

  Self-adjusting brush strokes for a more gentle clean

  Intelligent Al Frequency Reduction automatically reduces frequency when over-brushing is detected, eliminating     damage, bleeding and discomfort

Wireless Quick Charge 35 days battery life

  3. 5 hours for a full charge
35 days of normal usage
Compatible with multiple wireless quick chargers

  Wall-Mounted Holder

  Keep the toothbrush dry, as to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Magnetic Attachment

  IPX7 Waterproof, Resistant to washing and soaking in water

  Ultimate Gray, A Resilient Classic
The shade is derived from the color of rocks from nature, ones which have stood the test of time.
Their color and naturally weathered appearance represent peace, stability and resilience.
2021 Color of the Year Ultimate Gray

  Designed with Sophistication and Care
Good Design Award is one of the four major design awards in the world along with Germany’s Red Dot, iF and IDEA.

Product name :Oclean X Pro Elite
Waterproof Level: IPX7
Battery Capacity:800mAh
Brushless motor :Up to 42,00Orpm Up to 220gf.cm
Battery Life:35 days-two minutes brushing each time for twice a day
Size:24 mm*24 mm*248 mm
Package Include: Toothbrush *1+ brush head*1+ wireless charging panel *1+ charging panel silicone cover *
+user manual *1+ wall mount *1

Extreme Functionality

Detailed features of the X Pro include:
• Intelligent touch, allows you to customize your brushing plan on your toothbrush and check product information for the toothbrush
• 8 zone blind spot detection, 30 second zone reminders, 2-3 minutes brushing time
• Electric cleaning and brushing, magnetic levitation brushless motor has a maximum brushing force of 220 gf.cm, and a maximum speed of 42,000 rpm
• Equipped with the latest version of the Oclean OS with an all-new UI design, makes it more convenient to operate
• The results of the brushing are displayed graphically on the dental model through the touch screen.
• Intelligent wake-up, just lift the toothbrush to wake it up
• Ultra quiet: operating noise lower than 45 dB
• Wireless quick charge, 3.5 hours to fully charge
• 35 days battery life
• Four customizable brushing modes, with adjustable 32-level intensity
• A newly-added sensitive mode for people with sensitive gums, to avoid hurting their gums while brushing
• APP provides brushing analysis reports, and can push custom modes to the toothbrush
• DuPont Diamond brush filaments, with tongue scraper on the back of the toothbrush
• IPX7 Waterproof Rating


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