Mini Plastic Bag Sealer Machine


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Mini Plastic Bag Sealer Machine

  • Sealing Length:32cm
  • With Vacuum Bag:No
  • Power Source:Electric
  • Model Number:vacuum packing machine
  • Certification:CE
  • Type:Hand Held
  • Brand Name:oumonoka
  • Origin:Mainland China
  • Featured 1:food vacuum packing machine
  • Featured 2:vacuum sealer machine
  • Featured 3:plastic bag sealer for kitchen
  • Featured 4:vacuum packed bags


⚠ We have purchased logistics insurance for every order. During the logistics protection period, if you do not receive the product. We will refund in full.

You don’t need to worry about losing your money, we 100% guarantee the safety of your money!


⚠ During the working period (Monday to Friday), we will send out the order within 24 hours. During holidays, our staff on duty will deliver the goods within 48 hours.

We use the ERP system to set the delivery time limit so that you can receive our products as soon as possible.


Mini Portable Heat Sealing Machine Food Vacuum Sealer Seal Packing Plastic Impulse Sealer Household Bag Clips Handheld Packing

🔲 Note 1: 2023 shocking price promotion, the lowest product price is $2.4.

We continue to carry out cost control from raw materials, manufacturing processes and CIP projects. On the premise of ensuring quality, we maximize the value for customers!

🔲 Note 2: Plug Standard(You can refer to what plugs your appliances use)

1).US Plug; 2).EU plug; 3). UK plug; 4). AU plug

Note: The shape and color of the plug will be updated from time to time, we will not notify you, please know!

🔲 Note 3: In 2023, we have greatly upgraded the material of the heating plate, and we have coated the heating plate of the product with a green and environmentally friendly ceramic coating. What is the effect of coating the heating plate with green environmental protection ceramics?

1. The green ceramic coating can effectively isolate the metal heating plate and prevent heavy metal ions from penetrating into the food.
2. The green ceramic coating can heat up gently and provide elastic heat to the sealing material. Thereby preventing rigid heat from burning out the sealing material.

🔲 Note 4: Heat sealers can be used in all aspects of family life, such as meat refrigeration, medicine storage, stationery storage, vegetable storage, bread storage, kitchen utensil storage, clothing and electronic product storage, etc.

Heat sealer is one of the necessary tools for family life.

🔲 Note 5: Instructions for Multifunctional Heat Sealing Machine

Our products can not only be used to heat seal plastic bags/PE bags/nylon bags/aluminum foil bags, etc., the temperature of our products is constant at 200°C (390℉), it can also be used to straighten/curl hair.

🔲 In 2023, we carried out innovation and cost control to provide customers with more affordable products, and carried out design updates in 6 aspects, which greatly improved the use value of the products.

ⓐ Ceramic glaze coating, the heating plate can control the temperature by curve. Thus, the temperature rise from the heating plate is more gentle, and the constant temperature of 200°C(390 ℉ ) will not damage the bag.

Heating plate structure

1. Thermally conductive substrate
2. Rustproof layer
3. Atomized ceramic layer
4. Plant protein coating

ⓑ3D floating panel design, the built-in spring force automatically adjusts the strength according to the thickness of the package, reducing scratches and tears.

The elastic heating plate can also reduce the mechanical stress during work, which can greatly improve the service life of the heat sealing machine.

ⓒ Our heat-sealing machine has a constant temperature of 200°C (390°F ), which can increase the tearing force by 30%, so that the heat-sealed packaging bag remains firm for a long time.

We have adopted the anti-scalding head design, which can effectively prevent the temperature of 200°C (390°F) from harming the human body, making the product more humane.

ⓓ We have upgraded the structural design of the heating plate, changing from the original the straight type to the corrugated type , which increases the heating area of the packaging bag by nearly 47%, and the heat-sealed packaging bag is stronger and lasts longer.

The corrugated type increases the heating area, increases the mechanical stress, greatly improves the working efficiency, and also increases the tear resistance of the packaging bag.

ⓔ PTC intelligently heats up and reaches the working temperature in 30 seconds, reducing a lot of waiting time for work. Each of our designs creates a valuable customer experience for you.

Rapid temperature rise is one of the factors that measure the core of a heat sealer. For this reason, we use PTC intelligent technology, which greatly improves the heating speed of the heating plate.

ⓕ We have newly added a plastic storage box. When the heat sealer is not in use, it can be stored in a plastic box without taking up space in the kitchen.

🔲 Mini Heat Sealing Machine Optional Color

Color Optional:
1). Pink; 2).Blue; 3). Purple; 4).White;
5).Yellow;6).Apple Green;

Note: a). The label pattern on the box is personalized and we are randomly distributed.
b). The color of each batch of products has a certain color difference, which is a normal process error.

🔲 Mini Heat Sealing Machine Product parameters

▄ Product Name: Portable Mini Heat Sealing Machine
▄ Product power: 20W
▄ Product Dimension: 18CMX2CM
▄ Product Total Length: 1.25M
▄ Heating plate material: Tourmaline Ceramics heating plate
▄ Heating plate characteristics: PTC curve heating
▄ Temperature Control: Constant temperature 200℃(390℉)
▄ Working waiting time: 30S
▄ Product color: Purple/Yellow/White/Pink/Orange/Blue (Optional)


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